State Certified Alcohol Education classes for all MIP, MIC, PI, DUI Minor, and DWI Education Classes
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  • Receiving an alcohol citation or conviction can be scary. Your alcohol class shouldn't be. Join us for non-judgemental, relaxed education classes, where you decide your future.

  • Striving to raise awareness of alcohol abuse. Encouraging better decision making in a comfortable and open learning environment.

  • Consider this:
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(, in the U.S. one person dies about every 48 minutes due to alcohol-impaired driving. Annually, these crashes cost near 51 billion dollars.

  • The CDC reports over 1.4 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics in 2010.(

    At DB Education we don't want this to be you. Join us to learn more about drinking, driving and the choices that effect you.

Welcome to DB Education Alcohol Awareness Courses

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We provide state certified alcohol education courses in Lubbock.

Covering MIP, DWI, DUI, PI, MIC and other alcohol related violations

State Certified Alcohol Education

DB Education is state certified through DSHS of Texas as an approved provider for the Alcohol Education Program for Minors 6-hour course and the DWI Education 12-hour course.

Our Goal:

We strive to raise awareness of alcohol abuse among teens and adults, reveal knowledge of laws related to drinking and driving, encourage better decision making, and do so in a comfortable and open environment in which to learn.


"I actually enjoyed the class. We learned a lot and felt comfortable to ask questions." Brandon            "The class went fast because the teacher made it interesting. Would recommend the course." Julie